Dr.Guan-Yuan Jin
Contact Dr.Jin & his Clinic at Milwaukee, WI, USA

Tel: (414)438-9488

Email: guanyuanjin@gmail.com

Ace Acupuncture Clinic of Milwaikee

8412 W. Capitol Drive, WI 53222, USA

From East: Take Hwy 43, exit Capitol Dr, go West to 84th St. Clinic is on your right-hand side.

From West: Take Hwy 94 to Hwy 45, exit Capitol Dr., go East to 84th St. The clinic is on your left-hand side.

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Ace Your Tennis Game with Acupuncture
which is the First Place winner of the 2014 Because It Works video contest held by NCCAOM (National Certification Commission of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine)



Welcome to Dr. Jin's Homepage!


     This website was established to recognize the great contributions and achievements of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) made by Dr. Guan-Yuan Jin, MD, C.Ac.  As the founder of International Institute of Holistic Medicine, USA (www.IIHMED.org) and a Honorary Professor of Guangzhou University of TCM, PRC,  Dr. Jin's distinquished TCM expertice has been well-known for over 48 years. He is currently working at Ace Acupuncture Clinic of Milwaukee, WI, USA (www.AceAcupuncture.com).

     Accordingly, this site is an unique online source of TCM/OM/CAM experts in the North America for public searching or expert referrals, it is also a platform for junior acupuncturists or other entry-level TCM professionals to seek continuing or advanced education from Dr.Jin.

      Now, the World's Best Chinese Medicine services at Your Fingertips.

Why Choose Dr. Jin?


Because acupuncture is a non-specific physical stimulation of the body surface, its therapeutic results are closely related to the clinical experience, skills and caring attitude of the practitioner.  For example, same illnesses can be treated with different types of acupuncture, such as the body acupuncture or auricular acupuncture, of which the choice is dependant on the practitioner’s experience. In addition, needle manipulation techniques may vary between different practitioners. These facts indicate that acupuncture therapy possesses a rather large art component besides its science core. Thus, the effectiveness of acupuncture may vary with different practitioners. A highly experienced and competent acupuncturist, such as Dr. Jin may cure patients with the least sessions or solve tough problems with the highest success.

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